welcome to The Tama Shrine... a page i made dedicated to tamagotchi (and other vpets)

tamagotchi is a small virtual pet in the shape of an egg! the amount of attention and care you give it will change what character it becomes.

these little things were the craze of the 2000's! although they aren't as popular anymore, there is still a huge devoted community for them.


favorite characters

favorite tamas


this is the collection page all of my tamas... I love them all dearly! (none are for sale)

The pixel art is drawn by me! Please don't reupload them without my permission. Thanks! :)

Original P2

A blue and silver Tamagotchi P2.

This was the first tamagotchi I ever got! I persuaded my dad to let me buy a P2 off of Amazon (Thanks dad!). I opened it up and started playing with it in my older sister's room.

During this time I was mainly interested in Vpets, but Tamagotchi wasn't one of my main interests at the time.

  • Date received: Somewhere in 2019
  • Shell type: "Blue with Silver"

Pix Party

A pink and cyan colored Tamagotchi Pix Party.

I got this one when I went to California (to celebrate a wedding). I was super fixated on Tamagotchi and a rich cousin of mine bought it for me... She wouldn't let me pay, so I drew her some Kakashi fanart for her instead.

I started playing with it after I returned from California. I have a bunch of memorable pictures on it! Maybe I'll take some more sometime.

  • Date received: July 8, 2023
  • Shell type: "Confetti"


A white Entama covered in pink, blue, and green balls.

My hyperfixated with Tamagotchi came up a third time. Dad gave in to my pleading and let me buy not one, but two tamas (This one and the keitai)!

My sisters (and older sister's friends) watched me open it up. I screamed maybe a bit too loud.

The entama originally came in really sun damaged, but I followed a retrobright tutorial and it worked wonderfully!

  • Date received: April 26, 2024
  • Shell type: "Beads White"


A white and green Tamagotchi Keitai covered in green four-leaf clovers.

This was the second of the two tamas I bought off eBay! It came in really good condition (and a LOT of bubble wrap). There's also some little charm with it. I'm not sure what the characters are, but they're really cute!

  • Date received: April 29, 2024
  • Shell type: "White Clover"

Tama Logs

While I started up my first tama around 2019, I never actually wrote a blog for each run until 5/4/24. So most runs before 5/4/24 are not listed here. Sorry! :(

(Date format: MM/DD/YY)

Violetchi 5/4/24 - Keitai: "White Clover"


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